An Incarnational Mirror (An Incarnational Christmas #2)

Our view of self as humans vacillates wildly. We shift from thinking we are one of the most awesome persons on earth to one of the worst people to have ever lived. (And sometimes we even think all of that on the same day!)

But the Incarnation of Jesus actually addresses our view of self, helping us see who we really are in the eyes of God. And that view will simultaneously humble us and embolden us as humans.

So listen in to better understand who you are and who you are meant to be.

Jacob, Joseph, Judah, JESUS (& You) – His Story #9

The story of Jesus goes through some very questionable characters. For instance, this week in Genesis chapters 37-50, we meet a cocky 17-year-old who gets sold into slavery by his half-brothers and thrown in prison by his master, while his older brother sleeps with a cult prostitute – who turned out to be his daughter-in-law.

Pretty messed up, huh?

And yet, very clearly, we see God working through this mess. And when we realize that God is with us even in the messiest of situations, it can strengthen our trust of Him. So if you are in need of a “trust-boost,” listen in as guest teacher Jason Poling walks through the story of Joseph.

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