Love Came In (Palm Sunday 2021)

If you’ve ever anticipated doing something extremely difficult, you might have felt nervous, hesitant, or even tried to delay the suffering. Yet Jesus, knowing what lie ahead of Him, walked willingly with determination toward Jerusalem. How did He do it?

In this Palm Sunday sermon, Pastor Erin Bird shows us what enabled Jesus to resolutely move toward Jerusalem where mocking, torture, and death awaited Him, in the hopes that it will fill you with an awe of Jesus and a motivation to love those around you. So go grab a Bible and listen in as Erin walks us through Luke 19:28-40

The Angel’s Song – Love (Christmas Songs #4)

When Jesus was born, the angels declared His earthly arrival to shepherds. Inside of their short song are all the other themes of Advent – Hope, Peace, and Joy. But there is one more theme their song helps us see, and it is one of the most important themes in all of the world.

Listen in as Pastor Erin Bird helps us hear about God’s Love through the Angel’s Song.

Mary’s Song – Joy (Christmas Songs #3)

For many people, 2020 has been a really hard year. We’ve battled a pandemic. We’ve experienced cultural tension over politics, race, masks, and more. And some people have personally battled health issues, the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, or some type of trauma. So the idea of having “joy” this Christmas season seems like an impossibility.

Yet joy is within reach.

Listen in as Pastor Erin Bird shows us how we can find joy even in the most difficult circumstances by learning from Mary’s “Christmas” Song found in Luke 1:46-55.

Zechariah’s Song – Peace (Christmas Songs #2)

Many people find themselves longing for something in life that will give them peace. It might be a longing to be married, or be a parent, or to have a certain amount of wealth, or finally get that dream home. Whatever it is, we yearn for this external person or item to bring us internal peace.
And yet, it doesn’t work.
Listen in as Pastor Erin Bird shows us from the Christmas Song Zechariah sings in Luke 1 where inner peace is truly found.
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