Work is Not a Curse

September 28, 2017

Let me jump right in as we continue our series on the blog on "How to Follow Jesus at Work & School." Last week we looked at the idea that Jesus is to be our true boss. This week, I want to take you to Genesis 2:15 and help you see that "Work is Not a Curse."

Work in the Garden

I know many people who hate their job. (Maybe you include yourself in this group.) Their job feels like a burden. They have to drag themselves in through the door to go to work. If these individuals are familiar with the Bible, they might believe that work was a result of Adam and Eve's sin in Genesis 3.

But that's not the case. Work was actually given to Adam by God before he and his wife ate of the forbidden fruit. Genesis 2:15 says...

"The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it."

This verse comes before God created Eve, before God gave Adam the one rule (in verse 17), and well before Adam and Eve broke that one rule in Genesis 3. (Go ahead and open your Bible to substantiate my claim for yourself.)

This means that work is not a consequence of sin. Mankind was actually created by God to work!

Now, let me say this: just because work was given to Adam before he disobeyed his Creator, doesn't mean work escaped the consequence of Adam's actions. We see God tell Adam in Genesis 3:17-19 that work will be hard. Before, it was to be filled with joy. After, it was going to be difficult.

But work itself was not the consequence. The difficulty of work was.

Which means, if you find yourself in a job you hate, it's not because work is a curse. It's probably because of a demanding boss, or unethical co-workers, or an unhealthy work culture, or the wrong fit for your God-given talents, gifts, and passions.

But it bears realizing that work itself is not a curse. Instead, we need to remember that humanity was created to work.

Work as Worship

Therefore, if humans were made by God to work, then work can be worship. Joy can be found in a job. God can be glorified in a backyard garden, an office cubicle, a delivery truck, or a warehouse floor. (Jeff, Riverwood's worship pastor, is going to be write about this for the News & Notes in a couple of weeks).

So may you worship God today through your work, realizing your job is not a curse and your home project is not a punishment. God has created you for a purpose, and part of that purpose is to glorify Him through the talents and gifts He has given you to work a job well.

Erin Bird Lead Pastor - Riverwood Church

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