Jesus-Centered Partnerships (Jesus-Centered Relationships #4)

Sermon Synopsis

Our society is so divided that we seem unable to have normal, respectful conversations with those that disagree with us politically, socially, or even spiritually.


  • Aristarchus - either a prisoner with Paul or a willing participant in Paul’s house-arrest
  • Mark - the cousin of Barnabas and eventually the author of the book of Mark
  • Jesus, who was called Justus - most likely in reverence to Jesus Christ

Greek (Gentile):

  • Tychicus - a beloved brother, faithful minister, and fellow servant of the Lord. He was responsible for bringing the letter to the church in Colossae. Possibly he is carrying 3 other letters as well.


  • Onesimus - joined Tychicus to deliver the letters. He is a former slave (potentially an escaped slave) to Philemon.


  • Epaphras - helped plant the church in Colossae.
  • Luke - beloved physician. He wrote the book of Luke and also wrote Acts. He was very well educated.


  • Nympha - some translations believe Nympha to be male, but, more than likely, Nympha was a woman.

All people groups matter and can be used to spread the gospel of Christ.

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