Jesus for All (Acts #23)

Sermon Synopsis

In this powerful sermon by Erin, we are reminded of the all-encompassing love of Jesus. Through the stories of Lydia, the little girl with a spirit of divination, and the jailer, we see that Jesus is for everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Lydia: A Seeker After God

Erin introduces us to Lydia, a wealthy businesswoman from Asia. Despite her success and influence, Lydia was still seeking after God. She was open to hearing the message of Jesus and believed in Him. This reminds us that Jesus is not just for the poor or the marginalized but for everyone, including those who may seem to have it all.

The Little Girl: Finding Freedom

Next, Erin shares the story of a little girl who was possessed by a demon. This girl, who was in spiritual bondage, encountered Jesus through Paul and was set free. This story reminds us that Jesus is for those who are broken and in need of healing. He offers freedom and redemption to all, regardless of their past or present circumstances.

The Jailer: A Life Transformed

Lastly, Erin tells us about the jailer, an average, hardworking man. Despite his honorable nature, the jailer still needed Jesus. Through a series of events, including an earthquake and the witness of Paul and Silas, the jailer and his entire family came to believe in Jesus and were baptized. This story reminds us that Jesus is for those who may feel ordinary or overlooked. He meets us where we are and offers us new life in Him.

Jesus is for You

In conclusion, Erin emphasizes that Jesus is for each and every one of us. Whether we identify with Lydia, the little girl, or the jailer, Jesus offers His love, forgiveness, and redemption to all. We are reminded that the church should be a place of inclusivity, where people from all walks of life can come together and experience the transformative power of Jesus. Let us embrace the truth that Jesus is for all and share His love with others.

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