The Known God (Acts #24)

Sermon Synopsis

In today's sermon, Pastor Erin spoke about the importance of knowing our audience when sharing our faith and the need to stick with Jesus in our conversations. He also reminded us that God is more involved in our lives than we realize, and that we should turn to Him and put our identity in Christ. Here are some key takeaways from the sermon:

Knowing Your Audience

When sharing our faith, it is important to know our audience and tailor our message to their needs and interests. Asking questions and listening to their perspective can help us understand where they are coming from.

We should not be afraid to use the things of this world, such as music, movies, and science, to help people see something beyond this world and point them towards Jesus.

Sticking with Jesus

It is easy to get caught up in tangents and debates when discussing spiritual matters. Instead, we should focus on Jesus and the message of the Gospel.

Our identity should be rooted in Christ, not in worldly things like our job, relationships, or status. By putting our faith in Jesus, we can experience true contentment and find our purpose in Him.

Living in the Grace of God

God's grace is extended to all of humanity through common grace, but it is through repentance and faith in Jesus that we can experience saving grace and have a personal relationship with God.

God is intimately involved in our lives, sustaining us and giving us everything we need. He invites us to turn to Him and live in His grace.

As followers of Jesus, we are called to love one another and share the message of God's love with others. We should be open to having spiritual conversations and inviting others to know Jesus.


In conclusion, living in the grace of God means knowing our audience, sticking with Jesus, and recognizing His active presence in our lives. As we live out our faith and share the message of Jesus, may we be guided by His love and grace, and may others come to know Him through our words and actions.

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