Tenacious through Trials (Acts #25)

Sermon Synopsis

In today's sermon, Pastor Erin shares his personal experiences and insights on the importance of perseverance in marriage and life. He begins by acknowledging that even in a successful thirty-year marriage, there have been moments of hurt and mistakes. Erin emphasizes the need for perseverance and commitment in marriage, stating that the key to celebrating thirty years together is the decision to stay with each other no matter what.

Erin extends the concept of perseverance beyond marriage, highlighting its relevance in various aspects of life. He shares his own experience as a wrestler, a sport that requires immense perseverance and dedication. Erin explains that perseverance is not limited to marriage or sports but is necessary in all areas of life, including finances, health, relationships, and overcoming addiction.

Erin challenges the common misconception that becoming a Christian guarantees a perfect and problem-free life. He emphasizes that life is hard, and hard things will come our way. However, he encourages listeners to hold on to God and remain tenacious through trials. Erin criticizes the Americanized version of Christianity that promises an easy and comfortable life, stating that true spiritual growth requires perseverance.

Perseverance in the Book of Acts

Erin then shifts the focus to the book of Acts, specifically Paul's experiences in Athens and Corinth. He explains that Athens was a philosophical center, while Corinth was an economic hub. Despite the challenges of preaching in Corinth, Paul persevered and stayed there for eighteen months, witnessing the conversion of many Corinthians.

Erin highlights the significance of God's promise to Paul in Acts 18:9-10. God assured Paul that no harm would come to him and that He had many people in the city of Corinth. Erin emphasizes that God is a God of His word and encourages listeners to trust in His promises. He cautions against expecting immediate benefits from God but reminds them of the ultimate benefit of salvation through Jesus.

Perseverance in Faith

Erin addresses those who may be struggling in their faith due to suffering or doubt. He reminds them that God's promises are trustworthy and that He is with them in their struggles. Erin encourages believers to focus on what God has already done through Jesus and to trust in His goodness, even in the midst of hardship.

Erin concludes by inviting those who have never surrendered their lives to Jesus to consider the message of perseverance as a call to become a child of God. He reassures them of God's love and invites them to accept Jesus as their Savior.

Application in Daily Life

The message of perseverance resonates with everyone, regardless of their marital status or religious beliefs. Erin's insights can be applied to various areas of life, such as relationships, career, and personal growth. Perseverance allows us to overcome challenges, grow in character, and achieve our goals.

In marriage, perseverance is essential for weathering the storms and maintaining a strong and healthy relationship. It requires commitment, forgiveness, and the willingness to work through difficulties together.

In other aspects of life, perseverance helps us navigate financial struggles, overcome addiction, and maintain our physical and mental well-being. It reminds us to trust in God's faithfulness and to keep pushing forward, even when faced with obstacles.

Ultimately, perseverance is a mindset that empowers us to face life's challenges with resilience and determination. It reminds us that growth and success often require endurance and a refusal to quit.


Erin's message on perseverance serves as a reminder of the importance of staying committed and tenacious in marriage and all areas of life. By trusting in God's promises and relying on His strength, we can overcome obstacles, grow in character, and experience the fullness of life that He intends for us.

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