The Gospel & Giving (The Everyday Gospel #10)

Well-known pastor Andy Stanley says that “Giving isn’t about what God wants from you, it’s about what God wants FOR you.”

Riverwood’s pastor, Erin Bird, agrees. In this second message in the “Money Edition” of The Everyday Gospel, Pastor Erin shows from 2 Corinthians 9 that financial contentment comes not in a big bank account or huge pay raise, but rather through giving in six different ways. No matter what your current financial status, this message will challenge yet inspire you to discover what God wants for you and your money.

The Gospel and Emotions (The Everyday Gospel #8)

Some people seem to believe emotions are “bad” and should not be shown. Others, on the other hand, wear their emotions on their sleeve. So which is better? Are we to downplay our emotions so they don’t lead us into making a poor decision? Or do we embrace our emotions so that we can feel alive, even if those emotions hurt those around us?

In this third message in the “Self Edition” of The Everyday Gospel series, Pastor Erin Bird walks us through a passage out of 2 Corinthians 2, showing us that while our emotions are natural and should be expressed, they are not to rule us. Rather, our emotions should be corrected by the Gospel and move us toward God.

The Gospel & The Past (The Everyday Gospel #7)

All of us have a past. Some of us are quite proud of the things in our past – accomplishments, relationships, or fond memories. Others of us are ashamed of our past. And some of us probably have a mixed past, one filled with both pride and shame.

But have you ever stopped to consider how the gospel speaks into your past, both the good moments and the regrettable ones?

In this second message in The Everyday Gospel (The Self Edition) (and part 7 overall in the series), Riverwood Partner Matt Townsley teaches from 2 Corinthians 5:10-23 to help us see how the death and resurrection of Jesus changes the way we view our past and how God can use it for the future.

Four Reasons Why You Should Share the Gospel

Evangelism. It’s a scary word for a lot of people. Most Jesus-followers don’t engage in it, and those that do often do it from impure motives. Teaching from 2 Corinthians 5:9-21, guest teacher Steve Erickson walks Jesus-followers through four reasons why they should share the gospel with others, and how to do it with the right heart.

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