Seek Trust (Seek #5)

When life is rosy (you get the job, you get married, you have a kid, etc.), most people would say they have no problem trusting God. But when life turns for the worse (you get fired, your loved one dies, you get diagnosed with cancer), it is far more difficult to trust in the goodness of God.

In this last message in the Seek series, we look at a troubling passage in the Bible that causes some people to be quick to trust God while others are quick to show you can’t trust God. But perhaps there is a third perspective that can help Jesus-followers trust God no matter what their circumstance in life.

Seek Meaning (Seek #2)

In America, we often seek meaning in life through our jobs, relationships, vehicles, house size, kids, bank account, clothing style, and on and on… While much of these things are good, they ultimately leave us dissatisfied, feeling like we still don’t really know our  meaning in life. And when we feel like we don’t know our purpose in life, we see ourselves as worthless, part of the lower echelon of humanity.

In this second message in the Seek series, we look at the shepherds, the outcasts of their society. But rather than try to see how they overcame their worthlessness through hard work, we actually see that they overcame their worthlessness by seeing how GOD views them. And God’s view of the lowly changes everything.

So if you have ever felt like you didn’t matter, listen in, and possibly have your life changed.

Seek Contentment (Seek #1)

Every year, people  around the U.S.  stand in long lines, fighting crowds, just to get the perfect present at the perfect price. And yet, the joy the present brings fades over time, and so the following Christmas, the same people get back into long lines and fight crowds just to repeat the process.

Is it possible to have a contentment that doesn’t fade, but can actually last?

In week #1 of our 2015 Advent Series Seek, we discover in the story of Joseph and Mary that the secret to finding true contentment  requires you to change the “content” of your contentment.

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