Seek Meaning (Seek #2)


The shepherds were often social outcasts in Jesus’ time and were often known as thieves. This makes the fact that the shepherds were the first to be told of Christ’s birth even more interesting and meaningful. Not only did were they the first, but God pulled out all of the stops by having a host of angels appear and announce His arrival.

This is the second sermon in our Advent series “Seek.” Listen/Watch as Pastor Erin shows us how a good shepherd puts the lives of the sheep before his own. God delights to invite the lowly and he also delights to identify with the lowly. Regardless of current status, riches, or anything else – you are the lowly as all have sinned and need Jesus.


Seek Contentment (Seek #1)


We often try to fill our need for contentment with new things. For example, Black Friday is often a shining example of this. Many constantly seek the latest deal to find the perfect gift for themselves or their loved ones. Yet, while the things purchased can provide temporary contentment, that contentment always fades.

Mary gives us a great example of how we should and can find contentment in God’s love and power. In spite of so many adverse conditions – an unsanitary birthing place, long travels while pregnant, etc., the Bible tells us that  “Mary treasured all these things.” Watch or listen to Pastor Erin explain how we can also find contentment in God’s word.


Seek Trust (Seek #5)

When life is rosy (you get the job, you get married, you have a kid, etc.), most people would say they have no problem trusting God. But when life turns for the worse (you get fired, your loved one dies, you get diagnosed with cancer), it is far more difficult to trust in the goodness of God.

In this last message in the Seek series, we look at a troubling passage in the Bible that causes some people to be quick to trust God while others are quick to show you can’t trust God. But perhaps there is a third perspective that can help Jesus-followers trust God no matter what their circumstance in life.

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