Seek God (Seek #6)


James is the half-brother of Jesus and was the oldest of Jesus’ brothers. When writing the book of James, he really gets to the point and doesn’t shy away from getting in your face. He calls for us to “Draw near to God” – which sounds great – but he also calls us out on our sin with phrases such as “Cleanse your hands, you sinners!”

Why is James writing such harsh things? What James wrote about 2000 years ago continues to apply to us today. Watch/Listen as pastor Erin wraps up the “Seek” series for this Holiday season and learn why and how we can Seek God.


Seek Jesus (Seek #5)


The book of Hebrews, chapter 11 is nicknamed the “Hall of Faith” because it lists people that have incredible faith in God. Why did he take an entire chapter to enshrine these people? So many people in our society believe there is a God but don’t believe they could be loved by God because of the mistakes they make in life. Romans tells us that each of us falls short of God’s glorious standard.

Faith is important because it isn’t about what we do – it’s about what Jesus has done for us. Watch/Listen to part 5 of our “Seek” series as pastor Erin shows us how we should seek Jesus through our faith in what he’s done for us and for what he will do for us.


Seek Wisdom (Seek #3)


With time, our collective knowledge increases as we learn new things. For example, we no longer think that red Jello helps your red blood cell count. Similarly, we no longer believe that spicy foods cause ulcers but, instead, spicy food could very well help them.

We deal with many murky things in life – relationships, job issues, financial issues, health issues, etc. We often don’t know what to do so we search for wisdom in our culture and from our friends. While advisors are recommended by the Bible, oftentimes, our advisors also just get their information from culture rather than from God’s word.

In today’s sermon, Pastor Erin shows us the difference between knowledge and wisdom through the story of the Wisemen that visit Christ’s birth.


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