Psalm 19 (Summer of Psalms #4)

Sermon Synopsis

There is an insurmountable gap between how glorious God is and how sinful we are.

Movement #1 - The glory of God

When you see great art, you are often left in awe of the artists and their abilities. Likewise, when we see creation, we should be in total awe of the creator.

Movement #3 - The sinfulness of man

We often feel like we know ourselves perfectly yet there are parts that we don't see that are exposed to others.

Two kinds of sins:

  1. Intentional sin. This is sinning when you know it is wrong.
  2. Unintentional sin. Sins that you are unaware of.

Movement #2 - The perfection of the law

Key Takeaway:

Apply the law and God will cover the gap. Yet, we cannot perfectly apply the law on our own. This is why we need Jesus.

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