The Trials of Jesus (Mark #50)

Sermon Synopsis

For Mark #50, we want to highlight a sermon from "The Well" church in Fresno, California.

You can find this sermon on their site at this link.

"This passage portrays the betrayal, arrest, and trial of Jesus, and finishes with Peter’s denial. Judas was commissioned to betray Him, and even His closest of disciples reject knowing Him at the eleventh hour. The implications for us are many. One, we need to always be mindful of who we do community with and share clear expectations with each other. Two, we need to believe that Jesus is God, who He claimed to be. We have a great message of good news about who Jesus is, yet most of the world will still reject Him, and suffering and death will soon follow. Finally, even the closest of those in relationship with Jesus can distance themselves from Him at times."

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