Loving The Unlovable People (Mark #37)

Jesus, once again, shows his power when healing the blind man, Bartimaeus. More importantly, he shows us how to love those that we might consider unlovable. Even more than that, Bartimaeus gives up one of his only possessions to seek healing from Jesus.

What person/people are in your life that you could go out of your way to show more of Christ’s love to? What things are in your way between a closer relationship with our Lord? Pastor Erin breaks down this passage in Mark 10:46-52 to help us better see how to show Christ’s love to others.

Man of His Word (Mark #33)

The topic of divorce can be a sticky subject. It has affected many of us, so to hear some of the Scriptures teaching on divorce can be painful.

And yet on Riverwood’s “Baptism Sunday,” Pastor Erin Bird walks us through Jesus’ teaching on divorce from Mark 10:1-12, showing us how this subject actually points us to the love and faithfulness of Jesus. So listen in to be encouraged to trust Jesus.

All for the Gospel (Mark #32)

Often in life, we “want it all.” We want to buy expensive things without spending much money. We want to lose weight while still eating as much as we desire. In other words, we want to have our cake and eat it too.

We carry this attitude into our relationship with God. We want God’s blessing while still living however we want. But in Mark 9:43-50, Jesus warns us that to truly follow Him and live the life God has for us, it might require us to take some difficult steps. Listen in to learn how to truly live “all for the gospel.”

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