The End (Mark #45)


At the beginning of Mark 13, Jesus and his disciples enter into a conversation known as “The Olivet Discourse.” One of the disciples remarks at the beautiful stonework on the new temple that was being built. This temple was shaping up to be so amazing that many scholars believe it could have been one of the wonders of the world.

Listen in as Pastor Erin shares Jesus’ alarming response to this disciple while also discussing both the time period’s consequences of Jesus’ answer as well as the potential glimpse into the end of days that Jesus allows us to see.


Scribes vs. Widows (Mark #44)


In the synagogues of Jesus’ time, giving came with a public display of offering. Often, the person giving would walk to the collection container and drop in their coins. It was pretty obvious to all how much was given by each person and became a point of pride for many Scribes who took great pleasure in “showing off” their giving.

When a poor widow gives all she haves – which was next to nothing, Jesus marvels to his disciples about the amount she had given. The amount she gave was much greater than the many riches that the Scribes gave due to the incredible sacrifice that accompanied that gift. In today’s sermon, we resume our exploration of the book of Mark with a sermon that first in perfectly after our Giving series just prior.


Under Jesus (Defining Church #3)


When one looks at a sports team, business, and even a church, it’s common to think of the organization as belonging to the leader. For example, one might say that the New England Patriots (of the NFL) are “Bill Belichick’s” team or even that Riverwood is “Erin Bird’s church.”

In today’s sermon, Pastor Erin pulls apart our misconceptions of who is in charge of the church we attend. He explains that, when it comes to the church, there is only one leader over each and every church and that is Jesus.


Christ, The Son of David (Mark #43)


Shortly after He is questioned two different times by the priests in an effort to trap him, Jesus was able to begin teaching. He starts by immediately address another tough topic – how can the Christ be the “Son of David” and also David’s Lord.

In this quandary, Jesus knew something the people listening did not. By the very fact that he is God, he already knows the beginning and the end of time. While the people listening couldn’t make sense of this conundrum, Jesus already understood how this not only made sense, but how it would ultimately play out.


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