The Great Commandment (Mark #42)


The most important commandment in all of scripture is also one of the most famous verses in all of scripture. It’s soo famous, in fact, that churches have built their entire mission around this verse. A Scribe asks Jesus what the most important Commandment is. Jesus answers him with “God is one. Love the Lord your God” and “Love your neighbors as yourself.”

In today’s sermon, Pastor Erin distills the wisdom behind the scribe asking Jesus the question and behind Jesus’s answer to that scribe. Listen and learn how you can love God with “all of your heart” in both the good moments and the tough moments.



God of the Living (Mark #41)


Our culture is so incredibly divided anymore. For many, it’s to the point that we refuse to consider other’s viewpoints on many different things purely because we strongly disagree with one specific opinion or belief they hold.

Pastor Erin explores the way the Sadducees try to trap Jesus (similarly to the way the Pharisees did in last week’s sermon). Unfortunately, the Sadducees were way off in their logic because they held on to a specific view that caused them to miss the big picture.



The Club of the Rejected (Mark #39)

Every day we face various rejections in life. Maybe you’ve applied for a job and have been rejected or applied for a team and didn’t make the cut. Pastor Erin even tells us how his wife initially rejected him. Rejection is an important part of life and as humans we often withdrawal as a response to rejection.

God is familiar with rejection. He’s actually the founder of the “club of the rejected”. Fortunately for us, our God draws closer to us when we reject his ways – he doesn’t push further away. In today’s sermon, Pastor Erin expertly breaks rejection down for us and shows us how we can always rely on our God who pulls closer in spite of the many times we reject him.

The Fig Tree and The Temple (Mark #38)

Chapter 11 of the book of Mark tells two stories that intertwine to form one larger picture. In the first story, Jesus curses a fig tree for not providing fruit. In the second story, Jesus walks into the temple and flips over the tables of money changers in an effort to cleanse the temple.

How does the story of Jesus’ interaction with the fig tree compare to the story of Jesus in the temple? In this sermon, Pastor Erin Bird breaks down both stories and shows how they intersect.

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