My Story in His Story (His Story #40)

In this final message in the His Story sermon series, we wrap things up in a different way. Rather than see how the Bible points to Jesus, we ask “How does your story point to Jesus?” To answer that question, we look at the story of a woman in John 4 and then hear from five Jesus-followers who reveal how their story really does point to Jesus.

The Revelation of Jesus (His Story #39)

Ever seen a Magic Eye picture? It looks like a mess on the surface, but if you peer through it, you see something entirely different – a 3D image inside the picture.

The Book of Revelation is somewhat similar. On the surface, it appears to first be apocalyptic literature all about the end of the world. But as you peer deeper, you discover that it first points to Jesus.

Listen in to discover at least four ways that the Book of Revelation shows us Jesus in its pages, and in the process actually encourages you rather than scare or confuse you.

The Ascension of Jesus (His Story #36)

Forty days after Jesus rose from the dead after his brutal crucifixion, he ascended to heaven in front of his followers. Right before he lifted off the ground, he gave one last instruction. This final command of Christ has been feared by Christians throughout history. Many find this command too difficult to obey, or they want to obey it in their own way in their own timing.

But as we hear in this next part of the His Story series, this final command of Jesus isn’t supposed to be drudgery, rather it is for our good and the good of others. It is supposed to be a command that Jesus-followers gladly obey with joy. What is this command and how can you (if you follow Jesus) fulfill it? Listen in to “The Ascension of Jesus.”

The Resurrection of Jesus (His Story #35)

Christians all around the world throughout history have remembered the death of Jesus on the cross as payment for sin. But did you know the gospel message doesn’t stop with the crucifixion of Jesus? There’s more to the story.

Listen in to discover why the resurrection of Jesus is crucial to the gospel story. Because if there’s no resurrection, there’s no Christianity.

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