Glorious Day (Easter 2018)

Many people in our American society are familiar with the Easter story, even those who don’t go to church. But do these miraculous events from over two-thousand years ago mean anything for people living in 2018?

In this Easter message entitled Glorious Day, Pastor Erin Bird shows how the physical resurrection of Jesus points to a spiritual resurrection that God wants to do within you, changing you at your core.

Easter Changes Everything (Easter 2016)

Chances are  you’ve experienced a defining moment, an instance in time when everything changed. It could have been your wedding. It could have been a huge accomplishment. It could have been a car accident or the loss of a loved one. Whether good or bad, you knew that after this moment, life would be different. Everything changed.

For Christianity, the resurrection of Jesus is the defining moment. Without Easter, Christianity falls flat on its face. But with Easter, Christianity shows to not just be another world religion, but rather something that can change your life forever.

So listen in to learn how Easter can change everything for you.

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